A new Blockchain-based health platform

A new application based on the Blockchain technology, namely Lympo, released the date of its pre-ICO on 14 December 2017 with a target to create an ecosystem of a healthy lifestyle through the use of its fitness wallet. It will use the information we track on our wearables and mobile gadgets to offer a reward in the form of LYM tokens for attaining mindfulness as well as fitness goals.

The market of digital health is increasing tremendously nowadays. The size of its market is going to reach the level of 233 billion dollars by 2020. In the year 2016, the expected number of the mobile health applications displayed an annual increase of 57% with the total downloads of 3.2 billion.

There are a number of applications, like diet, exercising, meditation, running, and other applications, where people can track their wellness as well as fitness information. But users are not authorized to share, monetize, or store this information.

Here comes the importance of the Lympo platform where people can easily find the right fitness trainer nearby them. It has turned into the largest platform in Lithuania. This platform challenges all the current business models of the gym by providing a subscription to train in any gym through the formation of a partnership with the platform.

The concept of Lympo is similar to Uber and Airbnb. Just like these companies do not own a single car or hotel building, Lympo is going to create a community of healthy lifestyle and fitness. This was stated by Ada Jonuse who is the chief executive officer of Lympo. After incorporating its company in the United States of America, Lympo will enable people to check its prototype by taking part in the running challenge and receive tokens as a reward.

The tokens of Lympo will work as the tokens of utility to purchase fitness sessions both online as well as offline, exercise as well as diet plans, and services from the partners of Lympo. The user controlled and generated information will drive its ecosystem. Lympo will provide an opportunity to its initial users to test out its products in the month of February through which they can earn more number of tokens.

In the year 2011, World Economic Forum made an announcement that private data is covered in the category of the asset class. Out of all the classes of data, health is considered as the most expensive and valuable asset.

A study by American medical associations discovered that many applications of health may share the health data of the patients without them being aware of it. Another study was conducted on minimizing the risk of cardiovascular diseases with the aid of wearable’s and mobile health applications.

The study stated that the technology of mobile health has displayed the ability to optimize the management of chronic diseases and cardiovascular diseases. It has done so by providing the patients better education as well as monitoring of their health. If you are eager to know more details about this health platform, then visit its Telegram account.



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