Aworker, its goals, and users

The platform of Aworker is creating a reliable as well as a decentralized solution for both companies and employees. It is going to do so through the use of smart contracts and Ethereum Blockchain. The solution that it is going to provide includes skill verification, market area, and an autonomous rating of reputation.

Aworker provides workers a chance to search for a job and earn money on the network of Ethereum Blockchain. Companies can also make use of this platform’s skill verification and decentralized rating system through the use of smart contracts.

Aworker has a goal to form an international ecosystem, which is decentralized provides help to companies in selecting the most appropriate candidates. It also aims to design a global, decentralized, easy, and trustworthy system for assessing and verifying the reputation of workers. Plus, it allows people to earn an income on the basis of their abilities and skills.

Moreover, the platform of Aworker has a goal to build a decentralized environment that will give employees a chance for their personal development as well as motivation. It also gives an opportunity to an employee to attain the highest level in the professional field. Furthermore, it wants people of the real world to take advantage of the Ethereum smart contracts.

Overall, the target of Aworker is to create a great environment for work. By doing this, they are going to provide opportunities that will check the professional competence of the candidate without involving reputational agencies or HR.

Aworker has four users, which are the employee, employer, HR manager, and Aworker. An employee is the one who is looking for the job. An employee can give a response to the vacancies in a company by filling in the details about his or her competencies, experience, and skills.

Every single month, an employee can get involved in the decentralized rating of Aworker. Such a rating will be dependent on the title of the job. Therefore, an employee gets a chance to become the best in the region, city, nation, or world. A worker can earn on the basis of his skills, getting an offer, attending an interview, and by becoming one of the top 10 specialists of his or her nation.

An employee is well aware of the fact that the relationship between companies and workers is going to become transparent in the near future. Also, he or she has the knowledge of the fact that reputation is a significant human asset. So, he or she is ready to deliver the best results of his or her work and the steps of growth in his or her skills in every month.

The community of Aworker confirms the skill of the employees. Some of the examples of professional expertise in the rating system of employees include sales consultant, marketing specialist, sales manager, and bank operator. If you want to get more knowledge about Aworker and its recruitment platform, then you must go through its informative whitepaper.

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