Chainium and the importance of CHX tokens

Chainium is a platform that is based on the blockchain technology, which is formed for creating a disruption in the equity market. Chainium is based in Liechtenstein as this country has very flexible cryptocurrency regulations and there is easy access to the EU and Swiss markets.

Chainium already has its branches in Germany and the UK. They are also going to open their hubs in Asia as well as North America. Chainium came into existence in the year 2017 as a business entity in the capital of Liechtenstein. This company is owned by three persons having expert knowledge of the equity market.

The Chainium platform has a target audience having different but interconnected requirements, such as investors, service providers, business owners, and third-party developers. In order to cater to their needs, Chainium is offering different applications.

This platform has a flexible website, which is compatible with the HTML-5 browser. These web applications can work on small devices but their execution demands a huge amount of space because of analytic potential and extensive reporting of Chainium.

Chainium has an investor application that runs particularly on mobile phones. This mobile app is supported by both iOS as well as Android phones. It has designed an application that works as a primary driver that makes sure that complexities are hidden. Investors who are unaware of the concept of blockchain and cryptocurrency don’t need to worry at all as they have this amazing mobile application.

Investors as well as business owners can take advantage of applications developed by the third-party providers and community. They can use these applications in exchange for money or for free. Chainium enables the target audience to get access to its additional services.

CHX tokens are the fuel that operates the Chainium platform and its network. Business owners make use of CHX tokens through which they make an offer of equity on Chainium. This prevents investors, business owners, and the whole community from illegal and fraudulent offers. Additionally, investors and business entrepreneurs can use CHX tokens to buy extra services. CHX tokens cannot be used to purchase shares and other securities that were offered for sale on Chainium.

Business owners must keep a reserve of CHX tokens with themselves, which should be equal to the life of equity issued by them. The minimum amount of tokens to be reserved should be 1% of the equity offered. This lock-up amount can be seen by all the investors. This lock-up of CHX tokens creates a sense of commitment in the business owners towards their investors.

The business owner can recover the reserve of CHX tokens maintained by them at the time of buy-back of the equity. If business owners commit any default, then the locked up CHX tokens are distributed to the shareholders. The reserve of CHX tokens creates a barrier that prevents business owners from fraudulent listings. If you want to know more about Chainium and how it uses the blockchain technology, then read its whitepaper.

Christine Marshall

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