Covesting has introduced a new portal of digital intelligence

Covesting is on its way of making peer to peer asset management simpler and quicker with a fresh and diversified platform. This platform is majorly focused on designing asset management as well as copy-trading in the world of cryptocurrency.

This platform, namely Covesting, enables daily investors to find and compare the work performed by various traders dealing in cryptocurrency and copy their trades. Along with that, Covesting enables different investors to improve their results by competing with traders in the same ecosystem.

Covesting was initiated by Mr. Dimtrij Pruglo, along with many other former managers of Saxo bank who have an amazing background in equity, derivatives, and foreign exchange trading. The main aim of this platform is to attract regular investors who do not have a tech background to make investments in digital currencies and enhance their capability of making intelligent investment decisions in the flourishing cryptocurrency market.

Till this date, the pictures and exact information about this platform was very limited. However, Covesting has released pictures and information about its platform, which is going to work on a medium blog, providing digital community and investors some knowledge about the release of MVP that took place in November.

The chief executive officer of Covesting, Mr. Dmitriraj pruglo, stated that the growing phase of MVP has met with their expectations. He also mentioned that the team of Covesting is working on a product for the traders as well as investors. Covesting is focused on developing a strong community by introducing more and more features. This platform, namely Covesting, is on its way of becoming a leading platform of trading and peer-to-peer asset management, which makes use of the Blockchain technology.

The portal of Crypto intelligence was introduced in the first week of September that used the information given by Dinis Guarda. Dinis Guardaa is the most powerful personality in the world of Blockchain. Currently, he is an advisor at Covesting. Mr. Denis was the founder of, a great platform for conventional financial markets, which provided tutorials and analysis.

The portal of digital intelligence will operate in a similar manner. It is also planning to start with the MVP version of the platform. Covesting declared that the portal of crypto-intelligence would cover articles, instructions, and insights from experienced traders of cryptocurrencies, videos, and frequently asked questions.

Additionally, it will include particular details that are required to use this platform. This declaration was made at the time when numerous investors were trying to enter the market of cryptocurrency after hearing about the success of bitcoins.

The information contained by the Portal of Crypto Intelligence is original. The best thing about Covesting is that it has an active community. Its platform is aiming to provide the same advice and education to the traders and investors. It will be appropriate for both new investors as well as professional experts. These growth opportunities arrived at the right time for this platform that launched its initial coin offering sale recently. If you want to know more about Covesting, then read its whitepaper.

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