DECOIN (DTEP) – The Coin of the People

What is the problem?

Despite the recent growth seen in the cryptocurrency world, there is still a lack of on and off ramps for digital currencies.  This means that it still remains difficult for consumers to convert between digital assets and fiat currencies within their traditional bank accounts.  In addition to this, there remains a high level of fragmentation within the blockchain industry.  Consumers are forced to use services offered by multiple companies.  Typically a high level of technological knowledge is needed, as these services very rarely integrate well with one another.

What is the solution?

A solution is one that would not be reliant on traditional banks.  As they are the ones most likely to be affected in a negative manner, they will remain hesitant to welcome cryptocurrencies.  An all-inclusive experience is needed that allows trading, staking, and spending of crypto.  This is needed not only to be self-reliant from traditional banks, but to help reduce fragmentation of services within the blockchain industry.

Who are they?

DECOIN (DTEP) is an up and coming company looking to develop a service similar to the solution previously described.  The team founders are as follows:

Backed by a full team, Perry and Moshe have the potential to create a great product, needed in the industry.

How will they solve it?

DECOIN looks to make splash in the cryptocurrency world through the implementation of multiple products.

  • A platform to facilitate trading.
    • Low fees
    • 24/7 customer service
    • Proof-of-stake
    • Profit sharing
  • A digital currency to facilitate profit sharing.
    • Native DTEP coin will allow not only staking, but a means for the company to share profits with its investors. 
  • A credit card to allow everyday use of tokens
    • Multiple cards have been developed, tailored to the investor
    • Allows a means of utilizing crypto profits as fiat, without any bank intervention

It is through the culmination of these products that DECOIN stands apart.  Although we have seen other exchanges offer native coins before, none have provided an all-inclusive product.  DECOIN stands to be the first to offer consumers service right from trading through to real-world utilization of their crypto assets.



DECOIN has a busy roadmap ahead of them.  The launch of their wallet and trading platform are scheduled to take place by the end of 2018.  The launch of their exchange platform will take place by Q1 of 2019.

ICO Details?

The fund their venture, DECOIN will be hosting a public sale of their native token in the coming weeks.  Based on the Ethereum blockchain, the native DECOIN token will have a ticker symbol of ‘DTEP’.

Full details of their ICO can be found on their website HERE.


If you find the idea behind DTEP interesting, make sure to read their whitepaper HERE


Christine Marshall

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