Delicia – Love Food, Hate Waste

Delicia is a promising new company with the goal of reducing food wastage, and increasing profits.  They describe themselves as a ‘Decentralized Food Network connecting Food retailers and consumers.’  They plan on achieving this goal through the implementation of a new platform that utilizes both AI and blockchain technologies.

In North America, over 40% of food goes to waste.  This is mostly due to inefficient tracking of local supply/demand, and stiff guidelines regarding food safety.  Retailers are finding it difficult to find consumers for all of their products ordered before date of expiration.  Most retailers do not advertise their expiring inventory.  Some will put in-store discounts on these products, but most will simply end up being wasted.

The Delicia platform to be developed is meant to connect buyers with sellers.  Utilizing the proposed DFT token via their app, it will act as a medium for buyers to post wanted ads, and sellers to post for sale ads.  It will allow for a store with an expiring inventory of a particular item to be connected with a customer specifically looking for that product.  It allows the buyer to save money on the purchase price, while allowing the seller to recoup some of the money that would have just been lost if a buyer had not been found.  As these buyer/seller relationships develop, efficiency will be increased even more as analytics will allow for buyers to determine a much more accurate supply/demand ratio of its products. 

This platform is possible due to advancements in blockchain technology.  By utilizing blockchain, sellers are able to broadcast their inventory status across a decentralized network.  It also allows for the tokenization of the process.  In doing so, completing transactions for participants in the network becomes seamless, and cheaper than conventional methods.  The goal is for the system to function as a cashless platform.  Product will only be exchange utilizing the DFT token.  By enforcing this, the necessary data needed to tailor the service is acquired.

The team behind Delicia is hoping that others will see not only the problem at hand, but the opportunity it affords.  If you believe in the goal of Delicia, make sure to read their whitepaper for a full description of services to be offered.

Christine Marshall

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