DREAM Brings Members of the Startup Community Together on A Blockchain Platform

Over the past few years, startups have shown a huge appetite for creating revolutionary new business models, however, creating a new startup team is certainly not an easy and smooth process as it requires the right confluence of dreamers, talent and willing investors.

Even on-date, a majority of the startups fail due to multiple reasons like the ideas were not properly validated, or the project lacked a clear goal, or wrong talent was hired, or the required amount of funds were not raised at the right time. All this happens as the reputation of the past projects often remain in closed platforms and is not used intellectually to build any further projects.

DREAM is one such blockchain-based platform which aims to get all the participants of the startup ecosystem, together. The DREAM platform is built by professional experts by integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning tools and is driven by the success of real-world projects.

DREAM helps to validate new entrepreneurial ideas and built teams by acquiring the right talent based on the reputation of the past projects. This further helps investors to get a clear picture of the project, who can monitor the progress of the project at each stage on the blockchain network, who can thus provide the much-needed cash-fuel to drive the project in the execution phase.

DREAM guides the founders along the entire startup journey as it is built on the wisdom and experience of the community. DREAM aims to disrupt the $1.5 trillion gig economy by developing a comprehensive understanding of the client’s needs and building teams from the reputation data on DREAM and other platforms.

Build on Moneo’s Success

The DREAM blockchain-based project has been initiated by the same team of experts and advisors behind the grand success of blockchain startup moneo.io. As a result, all the intellectual property and payment system on the Moneo website is now a part of DREAM.

Started in January 2016, Moneo has emerged as the world’s leading marketplace for hiring well-qualified and experienced freelance talent. Currently, Moneo has 6000+ development hours and $8 million of job postings.

The Moneo platform boasts having worked with over 100 startup founders, CTOs and blockchain industry leaders. It is a personalized platform which gives one-to-one assistance to every client and helps them deliver their project by supporting all the freelancers.

A majority of the blockchain talent from Moneo is involved in constituting the DREAM platform which certainly adds a lot of reputation to the project.

DREAM Ecosystem

  • DREAM Mentor: The DREAM Mentor is initially trained by human experts and is further driven through the AI based on the outcomes of the past projects. This prevents the loss of knowledge that used to takes place from project-to-project and is now used to deliver qualified answers. As the name suggests, the DREAM Mentor guides founders with their ideas by playing multiple roles of a project manager, an advisor, and a team builder.The DREAM AI is initially developed by some trained human experts and remains in a continuous learning process depending on the project outcomes from inside or outside the DREAM Ecosystem. Hence the DREAM mentor is said to be backed by blockchain-verified individual or project data.
  • DREAM Reputation: The DREAM Reputation combines the trust and expertise of individual freelancers based on the accomplishments of the past project and their past track record. Thus the DREAM Reputation plays a crucial role in helping founder to find the right talent required for their project.It makes use of open intelligence tools wherein data is being sourced from other blockchain platforms and other external partners.
  • DREAM Tokens: The DREAM tokens can be used within the DREAM Ecosystem for exchange of services like paying freelancers, or for using premium features or identity validation etc.There are two forms of DREAM tokens. The REWARD tokens are specifically for the community members who are contributing to the growth of the DREAM platform while the UTILITY tokens are used to pay for premium services or for hiring new talent.The DREAM tokens are not investment vehicles of any kind and hence they are not subjected to the state of securities under any jurisdiction. Currently, the use of DREAM tokens is limited within its own ecosystem, however, in order to increase the circulation, they could be considered as valid payment mode on another partner blockchain as well in the future.
  • DREAM Talent: The DREAM Talent is built completely on the success of Moneo – the world’s first blockchain marketplace and is also a fully operational business. All the talent on the DREAM platform is thus quality checked and handpicked. One can also source talent to the DREAM platform from Moneo by paying through DREAM tokens.The Moneo platform provides high-end talent like freelancers for a long-term project, advisors for short-term engagements and also gigs for rapid delivery of work.

DREAM Customer Journey

The DREAM platform assists the customers throughout their entire journey from deciding Scope of the project to its complete execution. The platform is the right place for customers to obtain the right people for their different tasks like marketing or technical project development.

As a result, DREAM platform serves as a one-stop platform to obtain all the resources regarding project thereby saving a lot of time and financial resources involved in the project. The team of advisors on the DREAM platform help customers by guiding them through the entire process and gain consensus on how to progress.

One of the good things about the DREAM platform is that it gives clients enough flexibility to enter at any stage of the DREAM process. Moreover, the customers also have a choice either to run their projects privately or make them visible to the entire community, publicly.

The DREAM Token Sale

The DREAM tokens are basically the ERC 20 tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain network. The whitelist of the DREAM token will open on May 2nd, 2018 at 2pm GMT. From this date onwards, interested people willing to join the DREAM platform can start their registrations and for those willing to buy the DREAM tokens, need to undergo a mandatory KYC procedure in order to participate in the DREAM ICO token sale.

DREAM is currently offering 50% discount to all buyers as a part of its pre-sale discount. The pre-sale of DREAM tokens starts on 12th May and will continue till 18th May.

A few details of the DREAM token sale:


Token Ethereum ERC20
Total Supply 100,000,000
Value 1 DREAM = $0.80
Ticker Name/Symbol DREAM
Pre-Sale Starts 12th May 2018
Pre-Sale Ends 18th May 2018
Token Sale Starts 19th May 2018
Token Sale Ends 15th June 2018
Minimum Raise $6.5m
Maximum Raise $33.4m


To see more details terms please view the whitepaper

The DREAM Team

  • DREAM Founders: The two founders of the DREAM project are Richard Foster and Amy Diez. Richard Foster in the founder and CEO of Moneo and has worked with CISCO as a freelance architect for 12 years.Amy holds a profound experience in the world of economics and has worked for 12 years with KPMG. She’s also the recipient of Jon Lopategui Memorial Prize for Monetary and Macro Economics at Kingston University London.
  • Marketing Team: This is a four-member team and helps the platform get an online presence in the blockchain space and gig economy. The marketing team looks after branding, advertising, social media and digital marketing, etc.
  • Development Team: This five-member team looks after blockchain and software development.

Advisor Board: This team comprises of industry professional with experience in establishing blockchain related projects in the past. There are also experts in other fields like fundraising, security, legal experts etc.

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