Envion Mobile Mining: A Green Energy Solution For Power Problems Faced In Crypto Currency Mining

From being valued at $3,000 during the beginning of 2017 to the present value of around $15,000, bitcoin is an asset that has shown a tremendous leap never seen before in the history of trading.A decentralized mechanism and as an asset with great potential are vital factors that have pushed the currency to great heights this year.

While users gain financial freedom with protection from reversal or censoring of transactions, there are other factors like apolitical nature and imperviousness to outside factors that make the currency a virtual treasure to own. But mining of bitcoins poses some really harmful consequences that need to be nipped in the bud.

With bitcoin mining being done in full swing, the industry valued at over a billion dollars guzzles up more than 288 megawatts of energy, according to a Benchmarking study on Global cryptocurrency by Cambridge Judge Business School.  With the ozone layer depletion already causing concerns around the world, the power usage for cryptocurrency can cause more damage than good.

According to a BBC report in 2016, 70% of bitcoin mining was done in China and the source of the energy being coal, which is a leading cause of carbon footprint in the world.  With the surge in bitcoin investments the electricity consumed has risen to 43% since October 2017, resulting in more pollution that can threaten the growth of the cryptocurrency.

Envion, a cryptocurrency startup provides a viable and effective solution to the power crisis faced in mining. It provides MMUs (mobile mining units) that make use of renewable and green energy sources including hydro, solar and wind energy. With this green energy supply, the overheating and freezing issues that the mining units face can be avoided permanently.

Envion provides excellent advantage to miners by providing a mobile mining solution with cheap energy access and high cooling efficiency. The remotely maintained units help in better control and efficiency of the mining process.

With such huge potential, Envion provides a great opportunity for investors to gain from the startup’s ICO. EVN, the token offering of Envion gives its holders three-fourths of the profit earned by Envion. The profits are paid as ETH dividends on a weekly basis. Investors get additional benefit of possessing voting rights on the major decisions made by the startup.

EVN presale tokens have begun from December 1 2017 and can be bought using bitcoin, ethereum or credit card. The base price fixed at 0.70 on December 1 will be increased to $1 from December 14 to mid-January. With an assurance of high dividends of over 160% Envion provides lucrative earning potential for the token holders.  With the ICO beginning from December 15 and ending by January 14 2018, investors looking to capitalize on the cryptocurrency wave will benefit hugely from owning the tokens.  Check out this whitepaper on Envion ICO for more information on the profitable venture.

The traditional data mining centers have lost their potential due to the increased energy demands. With the innovative and flexible mining operations such as Envion leading the mining revolution, investors can expect reduced price fluctuations and proper decentralization of the currency and an unimpeded growth.

Christine Marshall

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