IceBreakerAR – Making the Virtual World a Reality

Icebreaker ships are all about forging and maintain water channels.  Their sole purpose is to ensure passage through a network is possible.

Much like these amazing ships, IceBreakerAR has eyes on creating new channels between various users of their platform.  Whether these users are looking for a casual experience, or an engaging professional one – IceBreakerAR has something to offer.

The Tech

Recognizing the vulnerabilities of current social media offerings, IceBreakerAR is looking to provide a more secure service.  Through the use of cryptographic hashing, blockchain technology provides some of the safest means to secure data in the current age.  The only real threat to this technology is quantum computing, which should not become mainstream for many years.

To make the platform engaging, IceBreakerAR will rely on a mixture of traditional features and those afforded through the use of augmented reality.  To create an in-app ecosystem, IceBreakerAR will allow for users to use their phones to access discounts and deals.  Retailers will be able to display these promotions as a digital overlay of the real world.  Simply look ‘through’ the window that is your phone, and view what it is that the store has to offer.  Users will receive discounts, while retailers will receive extra business.

Networking with ICE

Those geared towards networking will be served well by the platform.  Users will be able to list their skillsets and attributes.  Through their interactions, users will gradually build a reputation.  Those that build a strong, consistent reputation of informative and helpful interactions will be able to charge for their time.  Users will be able to collect fees in the form of ICE tokens. 

In conjunction with being rewarded for time spent, ICE token holders will have the ability to stake their tokens.  This means that holders will be able to ‘lock-up’ their tokens for pre-set time periods, and receive a return on their investment.  For those that want to acquire tokens outside of the app, expect ICE tokens to be readily available on popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Team          

Those leading the charge at IceBreakerAR are a diverse cast.  With a broad range of backgrounds in multiple industries, the company appears to be in good hands between its two founders.

CEO & Co-Founder – Thien To

COO & Co-Founder – Michael de Block


If IceBreakerAR sounds like an intriguing platform, make sure to thoroughly read their whitepaper.  It is there that the finer details of their plan can be found.

If, after reading the whitepaper, you are still enthused about the project, the companies ICO will be opening in the coming weeks.  An ICO countdown can be found on their main website HERE.

By hosting an ICO, IceBreakerAR is looking to distribute their ICE token.  This token will adhere to ERC-20 parameters, and function as a product of the Ethereum blockchain.

IceBreakerAR will be available as a mobile app on both IOS and Android platforms.  Development is currently underway, with the company planning for a busy schedule ahead of them.  Current roadmap projections show them releasing the final beta of their platform by Q1 of 2019.

Christine Marshall

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