Coin Analyst


Coin Analyst

CoinAnalyst makes cryptocurrencies transparent.

This is where the CoinAnalyst application comes in. It provides a platform for intelligent data search and analysis for all Cryptocoin products. The time-consuming task of manually selecting and evaluating information is largely transformed into automated processes. With CoinAnalyst, we help traders to continuously gain experience about the opinions of traders and clients associated with each coin. Opportunities and risks are identified, enabling users to react promptly and proactively. The automatic monitoring of important points thus creates a higher level of security when it comes to moving in this new market. It is thus an important component for a professionalization of the crypto markets.

The value and benefits of CoinAnalyst correlate directly with the size of the crypto market. Based on current trends, it seems very likely that the market for information and data on crypto assets will explode. The stronger the growth here, the more valuable the features of CoinAnalyst become and the higher the probability that many people will use the offered service here. The information value of CoinAnalyst is growing in proportion to the number of users.

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This ICO has started on 06/21/2018 and will end in -292 days and -6 hours.
ICO Info
Token Symbol COY
Soft Cap $5,000,000
Hard Cap $18,700,000
Website URL