An ecosystem of Intelligent Services

The ecosystem offers a complex of 15 original solutions for:

  • Boosting your trading efficiency
    (By using smart trading systems)
  • Saving your time
    (By using neuronetworks for information flow filtering)
  • Studying the specifics of crypto trading
    (with the help of automatized cryptoacademy and broad database)
  • Improving your trading strategies
    (By using a smart system for analyzing your trading history on cryptocurrency markets)
  • Minimizing the risks of the trading activity
    (By using the tips of the automatic search for most profitable offers on the market)
  • Receiving the latest trends in the industry
    (By means of smart service for analyzing social networks and web search data)
  • Closed beta testing of all developed modules.
    (Some of the ecosystem’s elements are already available for testing for all users)

This ICO has ended on 05/22/2018
ICO Info
Token Symbol FTEC
Soft Cap $1,000,000
Hard Cap $12,000,000
Website URL https://ftec.io/