OS University and its parties Academia, Learners, and Business

Nowadays, more than 3.16 billion users of the internet with different ages, particularly youngsters, backgrounds, and cultures are looking for a technology based way of learning through which they can progress, develop, and become successful in life.

In spite of being a part of the modern era, the campus programs of education having tenure of 4 to 5 years are turning into inconvenient solutions, especially in the field of information technology where young people get employed before completing their education where they are forced to make a choice between their job and studies.

There are more than 50 online platforms that provide free education through the content that is available on the network of already established universities. The main reason behind starting education platforms, such as EdX, Udemy, and Coursera, is to give a chance to the original content creators, like individuals, colleges, and private institutions to develop a connection with the academia where they can get enrolled into various courses.

The crypto revolution that is taking place currently has the power to disrupt the existing system of education by making learning affordable and advantageous through the removal of third party requirements. The Open Source University offers a remarkable Blockchain-based system of providing education to students. Smart contracts, decentralization, and cryptocurrency are some of the new concepts introduced in the market and are essential for meeting ever-changing demands of businesses.

In order to better understand the components of this Blockchain-based education platform, it is important to know about the parties involved in it, that is business, academia, and learners. Business here refers to all the medium, small, and large enterprises operating in the fields of automotive, healthcare, construction, and science and technology.

The second party involved in this model of education is learners, which includes students and people that are trying to attain specialization in a particular field. Plus, it also includes people who are looking for challenges in professional lines.

The third party involved in the Open Source University is academia, which consists of universities, MOOCs, certifications, internal training, development programs, and high schools. The Open Source University has been created to form a direct connection between these three parties and such connections are named as learners to academy, business to academy, and business to learners.

All these three platforms can get a lot of benefits from this education platform based on Ethereum Blockchain. Enterprises get the benefit of acquiring a skilled labor force and fulfill its learning and development needs in a distributed way.

Academies get the advantage from scaling its audience. Moreover, they gain a competitive edge through automation and advancement of its operation together with customized experience of education. The OS University has changed the traditional system of recruitment.

Learners obtain the benefit of good quality education. They also get a chance to directly approach recruiters that are seeking for candidates having a suitable profile. If you are looking for more information, then read the whitepaper of the Open Source University.

Christine Marshall

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