Property Coin ICO: A Blockchain-based Solution to Own A Professionally Managed Real Estate Portfolio

A California-based real estate technology company ‘Aperture’ has launched a new blockchain-based platform called Property Coin using which investors can own a real estate portfolio managed by a team of professionals.

The Property Coin token is said to be 100% backed by real estate properties in the United States and is completely pursuant to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s Regulation D or Regulation S elsewhere. The Property Coin is a gateway for crypto investors to participate in the “fix-and-flip” kind of property investments.

Using the Property Coin, Aperture wants to revolutionize the way in which real estate in transacted wherein the capital generated through the Property Coin ICO will be re-invested to grow the company’s loan business and property investments. This will help to further enhance traditional institutional discipline and creativity.

Aperture believes that the Property Coin project will help it to promote affordable housing by transforming neighbourhoods through a systemized process of acquiring, repairing and re-selling properties ensuring that the investors get a very good value appreciation with handsome returns. Till now, the company claims that it has successfully produced over 50% unlevered IRRs on its investments.

Aperture says that its professional team who looks after managing the real estate portfolio has till date successfully closed financial transactions worth $150 billion by flipping over 300 properties. It has also managed to originate $10 billion of mortgage loans.

Aperture’s proprietary technology platform

The company is said to have invested a large sum of money in designing, developing and implementing a sophisticated, data-driven and proprietary technology platform which smartly identifies several potential properties for acquisition.

As per the information, Aperture’s technology system is able to identify and analyze over 1000 properties in just a day’s time. Thus the Property Coin project will give a further boost to Aperture’s real estate business by blending the company’s proprietary technologies, market analysis and human expertise by capitalizing on opportunities available in the residential real estate market.

How Does Property Coin Work?

All the money raised through the Property Coin ICO will be invested in real estate and loans via Property Coin purchasing entity like PCX, LLC and other affiliates.

The purchasers of the Property Coin PCX tokens will get some percentage of all the assets registered with the Property Coin purchasing entity. PCX coin holders are also entitled to 50% of the net profits generated from the loan and property investments.

The profits generated by Aperture will further be re-invested into new real-estate investments thereby creating a natural price-appreciation effect for the investors.

Benefits of Property Coin

  • Property Coin is completely asset-backed where all the capital raised through ICO is invested in property and loans. The investors benefit own the property and further benefit from natural price appreciation.
  • Property Coin project is initiated by an already well-established company that uses proven and smart technology along with its experienced management team of dedicated professionals having years of experience in the real-estate market.
  • Property Coin helps to organize and foster the real-estate market that lacks creativity and institutional discipline.
  • Being a blockchain-based solution it helps to bring transparency in the process of acquiring assets where investors at any stage can monitor their fund’s flow.

Property Coin PCX Token Sale

The total number of authorized Property Coin PCX tokens are 21 million of which some of them will be sold during the initial token sale while the remaining will be held by other subsidiaries for future sales.

The Property Coin ICO will go live in May 2018 and will continue for the entire month. THE PRC tokens can be bought in exchange for Ether or Bitcoin tokens as well as with fiat currencies like the U.S Dollar. The initial price of PCX coin is set at $50.

Early backers of the project are entitled to discount in the following manner:

  • Feb 26 – March 31, 2018…………………………. 20% discount
  • April 1- May 12, 2018………………………………10% discount
  • On or after May 13, 2018 ………………………….Full price

More details regarding Property Coin can be obtained through its official whitepaper.

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