Signals: An Automated Crypto Trading Platform That Uses Machine Learning and Data

Cryptocurrencies have turned out to be the most lucrative investment option for investors and traders alike, across the globe. The underpinning Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) famous known as the blockchain technology allows investors to freely trade in the open market without any sort of third-party involvement. Moreover, the key features of the blockchain technology like instant and low-cost transactions are the key driving factors.

Crypto-trading platforms from around the globe are minting their fortunes as more and more investors are entering the crypto space. However, not even a handful of platforms help crypto traders in making the right choices in the extremely volatile crypto markets.

‘Signals’ is one such trading platform which helps crypto traders to maximize their profits by taking smart decisions on their behalf using powerful tools like machine learning and data science. Signals aims to democratize machine learning in the crypto industry thereby allow traders to choose from a range of indicators right from technical analysis to deep learning and sentiment analysis.

The good thing about Signals is that it can be used by anyone and everyone right from having absolutely zero knowledge of programming skills to the one who is an expert in programming or developing machine learning tools.

The Signals platform enables algorithm-based trading which allows users to make smarter and faster decisions in order to maximize their profits. The indicators on the Signals Platform are basically driven by main blockchain-based prediction market platforms which helps to generate powerful trading strategies augmented by crowd-sourced wisdom.

Here is How Signals Work


  • Build Your Own Trading Models Using the Signal Model Builder: Signals allows crypto traders can build their own models by selecting a variety of indicators from deep learning to technical and sentiment analysis. Hence a crypto trader can formulate his own strategy by combining different indicators provided by Signals.If you a programming expert or a data scientist, you can also create and add new indicators to the Signals Marketplace.
  • Validate and Train Your Model: Before using your model for actual cryptocurrency trading, you can validate it by connecting it to a crypto exchange and backtest it with the historical data on the Signals Training Center. Signals platform also provides some optimization algorithms with supportive analytics to get the best possible settings for your selected strategy.Using the Signals Desktop Application, one can also optimize his/her model by unleashing the computation power connected to decentralized super-computers.
  • Use The Validated Model for Trading: Once that you have confidently developed your trading model, use it on real-time data. You can also receive notifications about trading opportunities or decide to automate your trading.Signals provides a data science algorithm toolset using which one can make their strategy more adaptive to real market chasing trends and fluctuations. This way one can maximize his/her profits.
  • Monetize Your Trading Strategy: You can put your own trading model in the Signals Marketplace so that anyone can pay you for using your strategy.Similarly, you can pay others who have a proven and the most successful strategy and use it to your benefit. You can also chat with other members of the Signals community for sharing of ideas and trading progress.

Signals Tokens Sale

The Signals SGN tokens are basically ERC 20 tokens built using the Ethereum protocol on the Ethereum blockchain network. The Signals Token Sale is already active two days back since March 12 and you can purchase the SGN tokens against Ether. However, you need to first get registered with ‘Signals’ through a KYC procedure. The price of the 1 SGN token without any discount is set at 0,00036 ETH. The hard cap of the Signals Token sale is kept at $18M.

The Signals Team

The founding members of Signals Pavel Nemec (CEO and Co-Founder) and Pavel Volek (CTO and Co-Founder). Pavel Nemec is a machine learning evangelist and an experienced algorithmic crypto trader. While on the other hand, Pavel Volek is a software architect, UX designer, and front-end developer.

The extended team includes a list of 20+ professionals having knowledge and expertise in diverse fields like machine learning, growth hacking, enterprise solutions, blockchain development, trading experts, etc.

There is also a team of six advisors having past and proven experience in the finch space and with AI, machine learning.

More details of the Signals platform can be obtained on its official whitepaper.

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