The VinChain application and its website

Blockchain aims to revolutionize the market of used cars by developing a chain of accurate records and history, which is immutable through its platform, namely VinChain. This platform aims to create a website and mobile application for manufacturers, insurance companies, and dealers. This application will help users to get the most amazing offers related to discounts on service, car maintenance, washing, refueling, and many other services.

Additionally, it has an application that will collect statistics related to the personal style of driving. Moreover, this application will guide the user to drive more economically. The storage of the collected data on Blockchain will enable owners to raise the price of their car during the sale.

The website will work as a portal for firms to develop a marketplace, which is ideal in nature. It is going to contain all the important information pertaining to any particular vehicle, like history reports and usage statistics. Moreover, the website will enable all participants to interact with other participants of the VinChain ecosystem.

By getting an access to all this information, the contractors will only be able to provide the offers in which the customer is interested. Plus, it will enable dealers to analyze the vehicles in a better manner before acquiring them through the use of verifiable, genuine, and complete history reports.

The mobile application of VinChain enables users to earn the tokens through the normal and daily use of cars. The tokens so received can be exchanged for discounts that are used to pay for services. Moreover, the user can control his or her car in a remote manner. The remote will perform functions like remote opening as well as the closing of doors and remote engine start. Additionally, this application is going to include a navigation system.

The application of VinChain is also going to provide roadside assistance to users. In case the user meets with an accident or the car breaks down, the application will advise the user to take services from the closest towing service, which accepts the token of VinChain in the form of payment.

Another benefit that the user will get through the use of this application is the check-up of car condition. Whenever a user will enter into his or her car he or she will get a report regarding the vehicle’s working condition, which will give an assurance to the user. Furthermore, this application will remind the user about the time period of service. If the user does the registration in advance, then he or she will also receive discounts from the partners of VinChain.

At the time of registering for the services of a dealer, the user will be required to consider the offers given by other dealers and select the best location and price. One of the best functions performed by this application is that it records the usage history of discounts from the partners of VinChain. For further details, read this paper of VinChain.


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