UniBright Announces ICO for Blockchain-based Business Solutions

The Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) popularly known as the Blockchain technology has got a wide spectrum of applications apart from just being a platform to support digital currencies. The unique ability of the Blockchain technology to store and share information is an absolutely safe and secure manner makes it extremely useful for different business and industry applications.

However, developing the blockchain-based solutions is no easy task and requires thorough technical expertise and programming skills which in turn results in higher development costs. Big organizations across the globe have already started testing and implementing blockchain solutions at their end.

But the major problems come for small and mid-sized organizations who can’t bear the developmental costs behind implementing blockchain solutions. UniBright, a Germany-based startup aims to break all these barriers by providing a unified framework for blockchain-based business integration.

The UniBright framework provides businesses with already created templates suitable for the needs. Once the templates are selected the code for the same will be automatically generated making it absolutely easy to integrate the Blockchain technology without undergoing through the hassles of coding.


Understanding Four Major Aspects of UniBright Platform

  • Visual Workflow Designer: It helps to create the design integration workflows and blockchain-based solutions visually without the need for expensive developers. The Designer comprises of already pre-defined templates like “Milestone Payments”, “Request for Quotation”, “Multi-Party-Approval”, etc.
  • Contract Lifecycle Manager: This is a sort of ‘magic-button’ that automatically transforms the visually created design workflows into the platform-dependent code thereby generating blockchain-based smart contracts.
  • UniBright Explorer: This is a dashboard that helps to keep a track of the ongoing business process across all the smart contracts and related systems.
  • UniBright Connector: These are basically predefined Smart Adapters which helps to integrate the existing IT landscape with different smart contracts and blockchain. These Smart Adapters can be used across different blockchains to share information back and forth.


UniBright Token Sale Details

The token sale of UniBright’s UBT tokens will take place in a 30-day window between April 10, 2018 to May 10, 2018. The UBT tokens are created using the ERC20 guidelines on the Ethereum blockchain.

The UBT tokens will be used for registering for smart contracts of the UniBright blockchain or can be exchanged for other additional services. The total supply of UBT tokens is fixed at 150 million of which a 100 million are kept for sale and ICO distribution. UBT tokens are available at a rate of $0.14.

UBT tokens cannot be mined and no additional tokens will be issued or generated after the sale. All the unsold tokens will be burned. More information can be obtained from its official whitepaper.

Christine Marshall

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