What is ICO Investments.io?

We offer news on the latest ICO offerings, as well as recommend the top ICOs to invest in.

What is an ICO?

This is short for an Initial Coin Offering. ICOs offer more liquidity than traditional investments, as coins can be sold on an exchange at any time.

Which ICO should I invest in?

We feature the ICOs that we feel will be the most profitable. In our news section we report on exciting new ICOs.

What are bonus coins?

ICOs offer incentives to those who invest early. Common incentives are 10 or 20% bonus coins for investing in the first week or Pre-ICO. What this means is that if you purchase 1000 coins you will then be given 1200 coins in return assuming the bonus was 20% and you purchased during the bonus period.

How do I recommend a new ICO?

Please use our contact form.

How do I sell my coins?

This depends on the ICO that you invested in. You will need to wait until the coins are listed on an exchange such as Bittrex, Poloniex. Liqui.io, etc

How long until the coins are listed on an exchange?

This is impossible to predict and depends on the ICO. It can take anywhere from one week to three months or more. The average that we have experienced is 4 to 6 weeks.

I’m from the United States, can I invest?

This is dependent on the ICO. Unfortunately, due to draconian regulations more and more ICOs are choosing not to accept investments from USA residents.

What wallets do you recommend?

www.myetherwallet.com for ETH

www.blockchain.info for BTC

https://waveswallet.io/ for WAVES