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What is an ICO?

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering.  Essentially it’s the launch of a new cryptocurrency. Although these are called coins, they are often labelled “tokens” because they are more like share certificates for participation in a venture.  Digital currencies aren’t a physical product, like the coins in your pocket, so this is a more accurate definition.

After the success of Bitcoin and Etherium, there have been hundreds of coins launched in the past few years. By the end of August 2017, 100s of ICO coin sales worth $1.1 billion had been executed during the year, ten times as many as in the whole of 2016.

How Do You Invest in an ICO?

There are two ways – firstly as many alt-coin ICOs are crowdfunded, you can invest just before the offering, as the coin is developed. This is called the “Pre-ICO” period. Basically, this is like being a “business angel” or VC.  Secondly you can invest at a later stage as the coin goes onto the market.  Obviously, most early-investors are hoping that the coin will rapidly increase in value and they can make significant gains.

This is how investors can take advantage of our service. We enable you to get into the investment at the Pre-ICO stage at discounts that are not available to the average investor.

Examples of Recent ICOs

A start-up called Tezos raised over $230 million. The company has created its own blockchain — the technology that underpins the whole cryptocurrency sector. Another company called Bancor which plans on revolutionizing the banking industry raised $153 million.  FileCoin raised over $200 million. Every day there’s new ICOs breaking records.

We only invest and recommend ICOs that offer opportunities for quick capital gains.

The ICO Marketplace

It is important to be careful and diligent in investing in the new marketplace.  As with all cutting-edge technologies, there will be failures.  If you invested in Apple during the internet boom, you would be laughing all the way to the bank, but there were many busts like eToys.com.

Many new tokens are based on the Etherium platform.  That is an intentional part of its design as a decentralised service.  Etherium is the “second-generation” cryptocurrency, after Bitcoin, and so the team behind it built a more comprehensive structure so that it could be a vehicle for other coins, smart contracts, voting systems, and many other applications.

The majority of ICOs that we recommend and invest in use the Ethereum platform, others use the Waves platform. Either way, we only will send out newsletters from coins using recognized platforms and with realistic business models that offer the potential to increase in value.