Bitmora, its customer support, and new releases

Bitmora is a platform for exchanging cryptocurrency. It has been established to transform the way the world of virtual currency exchange performs its functions. They are going to introduce a new platform in the market with a uniform system of voting, fewer fees, organization grade security to empower users and activists to take important decisions for this platform.

They are making a number of efforts in order to maintain good and long-term relations with its customers. They are ready to provide a world-class team for customer support. They have introduced three different systems to reach out to the public. These three systems are the phone system, the ticket system, and the webpage support.

The phone support system is available on the beta system of this platform. The lines are directly connected to the menu of business call where you can get connected to an appropriate agent and talk with him. The 24×7 support system of this platform will be made available in the second quarter in the year 2018.

According to the ticket system, Bitmora guarantees to provide a response to the client within 12 hours. Its system of ticket support is open for 24 hours in a day. People can easily have an access to this system by the use of its website.

Additionally, they promise to provide the service through their personal staff and not by outsourcing it to any third party to do that. The next system through which Bitmora connects with its clients is its webpage. People can ask queries and other technical questions by connecting with Bitmora through their website.

Bitmora is going to make use of company-performance order matching. Through the use of its extremely lean infrastructure, it can perform a million transactions within a second. From the beginning of the second quarter, they are going to utilize the cross exchange model of order books. It will enable Bitmora to take volume from variant exchanges.

These are going to be automatic procedures that will help the exchange to maintain its liquid movement. Bitmora is going to operate on browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Opera. This platform can also be operated on Android as well as iOS mobile devices.

The beta platform of Bitmora was launched in the 4th quarter of the year 2017, which demonstrated the online version of the exchange. The website of Bitmora is the most suitable website for Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer, which also involves the support of mobile websites.

The complete release of Bitmora is going to feature an application for Android as well as iOS devices. Plus, the full release is going to support tablets. The mobile application is going to have the same features that are there in its web applications.

The support that the feature list of the mobile application provides includes placing orders to buy and sell, charting, control margin orders, viewing positions, and adding as well as removing notifications. Moreover, it provides an option for the withdrawals and deposits through the use of quick response code. If you are looking for more information, then visit Bitmora’s Twitter account.



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