Buy music via cryptocurrencies on VOXXO

VOXXO is a promising music concept that is an amalgamation of a music player, music licensing platform, and a concert investment place. It aims to bring music to the blockchain platform through cryptocurrencies.

VOXXO has come out with its cryptocurrency tokens that can help token holders to define the value of music. It offers VOXXO tokens on its official website. The token sale is currently in progress. Interested people can buy as much VOXXO tokens as they want.

Owing to the affordable price of VOXXO tokens, anyone can buy them, thus making it easy for people to enter the VOXXO community and benefit from it in the long run. Additionally, the platform has a practical soft cap and hard cap objectives.

VOXXO tokens are based on ERC20 Ethereum Smart Contact, which uses the safe and quick structure of Ethereum. VOXXO believes in Ethereum as well as its community. Through its tokens, VOXXO aspires to change the definition of listening to music and thus make it valuable. One VOXXO token equates 1 hour of music streaming.

You can buy VOXXO tokens right now since its first sale will end on January 1, 2018. The value of 1 VOXXO token in the first sale is $0.01 or 0.000034 ETH. The soft cap for the first sale is $300.000. Once VOXXO achieves its soft cap, it will distribute its mobile APP BETA development in order to test the top 500 investors.

The second sale of VOXXO tokens will start on January 3, 2018 and end on February 3, 2018 with a cap of $750.000. In this sale, 1 VOXXO token will equal $0.03 or 0.000099 ETH. And, the third sale will start on February 5, 2018 and end on March 5, 2018 with a hard cap of $1.25 million. In this sale, 1 VOXXO token will equal $0.05 or 0.000166 ETH.

After the hard cap is reached, VOXXO will begin its Live Event Platform. After sales, the price of 1 VOXXO token will be equal to $0.15 or 0.0005 ETH. If you want to know more about VOXXO tokens, you can read its whitepaper.

You can make use of VOXXO tokens in three ways. You can listen to music, invest in concerts, as well as license music through these tokens. Through the VOXXO mobile app, anyone can listen to their favorite band and musicians just like its competitors, like Pandora and Spotify. You can also organize events and concerts on the Live Concert Events Platform of VOXXO by crowdfunding. Moreover, VOXXO aids performers and musicians to get their individual music license revenues.

Thus, with the help of the blockchain spirit and cryptocurrency, VOXXO intends to revolutionize the music industry. This brand new free music platform allows you to gain access to music as well as listen to music. It wants people to reach music by the means of cryptocurrency, thus enabling music to make its own pricing policy in the industry with the help of VOXXO tokens. Plus, the licensing platform will determine the high value of music.

Christine Marshall

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