CVerification – Recruitment & Hiring meet Blockchain

What is the problem?

Current hiring practices are inefficient and cumbersome.  It is a process that takes time, and requires due diligence to be performed on the part of employers.  Employees are also tasked with gathering the prerequisite information, and expected to prove its legitimacy.

What is the solution?

An obvious solution is for a third party to act as a sort of ‘notary’, when dealing with a customer’s work documentation.  Once a third party verifies the legitimacy of all relevant data/documents, this would then need to be recorded on an immutable, accessible forum so that any future employer can quickly assess this information.  This verification process would only need to take place once. 

This solution would also allow for a database to be formed, providing analytics to find employers the best suited candidates from a pool of potential employees.

Who are they?

CVerification is a new company looking to leverage blockchain technology throughout traditional hiring practices.  They are actively developing a platform that will allow for the process to be expedited for both the employer and potential employee.

The team is being spearheaded by a trio that is well versed in the world of Cryptocurrency.

Milko Filipov – Founder & CEO

James Lawton – Cofounder & CTO

Evgeni Pirianov – Cofounder & CIO

How are they going to fix it?

The platform in development is one that will allow an employee to store their relevant data.  It will also give the employee the power to authorize any other party from accessing their information.  This data may range from diplomas, certificates, previous work experience, and anything that might be relevant to a potential employer that would require verification.  Due to the immutable nature of blockchain, and the oversight of CVerification, legitimacy of stored documents can be ensured.

To utilize the service offered by the platform, those accessing and uploading documents must pay fees in the form of the native token – CVER.  Initial distribution of this token will take place through a planned ICO.


CVerification has an ambitious roadmap ahead of them.  With beta testing scheduled to begin before the end of 2018, the company plans for a full product launch in Q2 of 2019.

Full details of their planned roadmap from be found in their WHITEPAPER.

Token Sale information?

To facilitate the growth and development of the platform, CVerification is hosting an ICO.  This will allow them to raise the necessary funds to ensure a seamless launching process. 

If the services to be offered by CVerification appeal to you, make sure to check out their ICO (Details can be found below).

Christine Marshall

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