DIMPAY- an easy solution for all the business to business transactions

DIMPAY is a decentralized system of payment. It is fast as well as inexpensive. It is backed by the NEM blockchain technology. This system is transparent and does not involve any ledgers of third-party. DIMPAY has been developed to facilitate customer to business, business to business, peer to peer, business to customer, and customer to customer transactions.

DIMPAY has not been created to disrupt the manner in which payments are processed between businesspersons and customers. DIMPAY is majorly focused on digitizing and cryptonizing the procedure of payment in order to conduct cashless transactions.

The traditional way of receiving the payment by the merchants is through local currency. It is easier to manage the accounts when transactions are made by using local currencies. The payment procedure can become even easier by using DIM currencies. DIM currencies are cryptonized and are called DIM euro for euro and DIM dollar for US dollars. The utilization of DIM currencies gives protection to both merchants as well as consumers from the volatility of price. Plus, it helps in simplifying the process of using and buying cryptocurrencies.

Currencies of DIM are an exchange medium for users of DIMPAY. People can easily understand the use of DIM currencies as they are an electronic version of paper currencies. DIM currencies have the capability of making people comfortable with both blockchain and cryptocurrencies by making them understand about its use.

Users of this currency can transfer it into their DEPOTWALLET and can make transactions without going to the bureau for change, standing in long queues, and paying commissions and fees. People can know the real value of cryptocurrencies they convert through the conversion of fiat currencies into currencies of DIM. Users are allowed to convert different cryptocurrencies to currencies of DIM.

DIM currencies provide accessibility to the users of DEPOTWALLET to the HYBSE that is Hybrid Stock Exchange. By making use of DIM currencies, users can buy cryptonized stocks like exchange-traded funds, company’s shares, and other securities.

DIMPAY is one of the well-known parts of the DIM environment. It offers many amazing incentives to the holders who are holding more than 50 DIM tokens. The holder of DIMCOIN and DIMTOKENS can get an easy access to DIMPAY as they are already possessing DEPOTWALLET accounts. DIMPAY has the ability to increase the value of DIMCOINS as well as DIMTOKENs.

The DIM ecosystem allows its users to have a monopoly over their own money through the use of private accounts. These private accounts will be attached to the DEPOTWALLET of the user, which enables them to manage their crypto assets in the wallet of the account.

This system also enables business merchants to handle their stock through business accounts. They can easily trace their customers while shopping. The entrepreneurs who use these business accounts can easily create invoices and check updates on them. If you want to know more about DIMPAY and DIM ecosystem, then read its whitepaper.

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