Dream – Hire Hand-Picked Blockchain Talent

Through data sets garnered via AI, the Dream team has been able to develop a new ‘connection’ platform.  By leveraging the strengths that blockchain affords, the Dream platform is a service meant to help team leaders recruit appropriate talent in a decentralized manner.

The idea is simple.  Team building is a costly, and timely endeavour, so why not create a service that can connect those with an idea with those who have the skillset to execute it?  By using blockchain, freelance workers are able to broadcast their hourly rates, and the skillsets/experience to justify it.  The validity of their certifications and experience is assured through blockchain.  Those looking to build a team are able to peruse through a pool of candidates from around the globe. This allows individuals to save time and money, by having access to the right people off the hop.

To make the system tick, Dream is proposing tokenizing their platform through an ongoing crowd-sale.  Although founded on blockchain, the system will rely on AI to give the best experience possible.  This is achieved through incentivized feedback, and premium service offerings.

Feedback Loop

Reputation is a hard thing to cultivate.  Most successful endeavours are due to the hard work of many individuals working behind the scenes.  Through the use of their platform, Dream is looking to bring transparency and accessibility to freelancer reputations.

Over time, a reputation will be built, based upon an individual’s track record.  Furthermore, for those that have spent years cultivating a stellar reputation on other platforms, this can be migrated to Dream.  Whether a freelancer is well known on Slack, GitHub, Telegram or others, they will be able to get a running start on Dream.

For this reputation to be built, the system incentivizes team leaders to give feedback on their team members.  This feedback is then rewarded with the distribution of DREAM tokens.  It is this feedback that allows the AI to build a reputation for each user of the platform.  Upon doing so, the system becomes increasingly smarter with time, allowing for better, more intuitive suggestions in the future.

Token Use

The DREAM token itself is used in multiple ways.  In addition to being rewarded for feedback, the token can be acquired through traditional exchanges, and on the platform itself.  These tokens are used to pay the wages of team members via the platform.  Furthermore, they can be redeemed for access to enhanced platform services.  These services range from API access to the platforms data sets, to assisted team building packages.  Although the DREAM token is used as a conduit for payments and rewards, holders of the token can cash them out at any time.



Dream is currently hosting their ICO.  Those interested will be able to participate up until August 29th, 2018.  They will be distributing their tokens at this time to those interested in the platform.

The ERC-20 compliant token will be limited to 1 billion tokens.  It can be found under the ticker ‘DREAM’.  The ICO will be capped with a maximum raise of $16.8million.  During the sale, tokens can be purchased at a rate of $0.05 USD each.


The Finer Points

If you believe that the team is on to something, make sure to read the in-depth details of how they are going to achieve their goal.

Details can be found on both their blog, and more thoroughly via their published whitepaper.


Christine Marshall

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