Thrive – Benefit of Blockchain and competitors

Thrive is a platform build by using the technology of Blockchain. The industry of digital advertising is turning into a robust industry. Its revenues have been rising discernibly over the past few years, which leads to the integration of major players in the market of advertisement exchange. These big players include AppNexus, DoubleClick, Google, Criteo, AOL, and OpenX.

Previously, a number of initial coin offerings were declared on subjects like Adshares, Tokens of basic attention, Bitclave, and Papyrus. However, these dynamics introduced in the world of digital advertising cannot protect the users from the usage of numerous new and innovative products.

A large number of legacy companies will not receive the required flexibility to dump fee without creating a huge impact on the structure of the organization. Thrive Labs aim to disrupt the entire industry of advertisement by making people available with the cheapest market of premium advertisement.

In spite of the fact that the products of Blockchain have never reached the required product maturity still, it has become possible to examine the pain of competitors both on the business model as well as the technology.

AdEx, a company based on Blockchain of Ethereum, is used for sorting out the issues involved in the handling of a selected number of transactions within a second but it does not include the requirements of gas.

Another decentralized platform based on the technology of Blockchain is Bitclave. It is also called a decentralized search engine. It has a strong collection of data, along with transparency, but there seems to be a problem in the storage of its data on Blockchain. It has become very difficult to handle the storage of data on Blockchain.

Papyrus is the nearest competitor when it comes to leveraging and positioning of the stream of DMP revenue. It has the problem of profiling and non-systematic collection of data. Moreover, there are issues related to the analysis of behavioral pattern. This platform also runs on Ethereum Blockchain to use the technology channel for solving the issues related to scalability. No channel of the state has been executed yet because of which the issues related to scalability still exists.

The project of Thrive Labs has gone beyond the concept of decentralized market advertising. This platform is going to develop and integrate an active community around it, having transparent as well as clear rules of engagement.

This company, namely Thrive, is based on the smart contracts and the technology of Blockchain, which has all the benefits that this technology brings along. This platform ensures complete transparency and security of data.

The team of Thrive tech is analyzing the Blockchains available on the virtual market. They consider all the threats related to speed, handling of transactions, storage capacity, and gas requirements. If none of those projects are in alignment with requirements of this platform, then the platform will come up with an autonomous Blockchain tailored to the needs of the project. If you are looking for more information, then visit Thrivelabs’ Twitter account.


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